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Why a Mobile website?

  • Increase Your Customer Base
    Your customers are mobile, how about your business? Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to search for business information. By converting your desktop to a mobile-friendly website you can proactively reach out to new customers and expand your reach.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience
    While most websites can be found using mobile search engines, few are designed to be viewed on the small screens of mobile phones. Not only are they difficult to navigate, but many of the components may not even work on some mobile platforms. For example, anyone that accesses your site with an iPhone will not be able to view Flash displays. NetDzyneMobile will convert your existing site and create a website that is optimized for all smartphones, creating a better experience for your mobile website visitors.

  • Stay Ahead of Your Competition
    Studies show that less than 2% of businesses have a mobile-friendly website, an amazing figure given that more that 20% of Google searches are now done on mobile. Instantly set yourself apart from your competition with a great looking mobile website to tap into the growing mobile market. Convert today!!

Why NetDzyneMobile?

NetDzyneMobile uses the most advanced technology available to convert your present site to a mobile- friendly one.
Click-To-Call, Click-To-Text and Click for Driving Directions buttons added to your mobile site make it easier for your customers to contact you. With our Click-To-SMS button, your visitors can easily text your business info to their friends, which in turn can lead to new customers for you. Your mobile site will be optimized to work on all major smart phones including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. 

NetDzyneMobile Service Plans include all the following Feartures:

  • Affordable Pricing - For a one time set-up fee of $199 and only $30/mo or $250/yr. we provide design, hosting, and maintenance services for as long as you are a client.
  • Convenient - We spend our time building and maintaining your site so you can spend your time at what you do best - running your business!
  • Superior Service -With NetDzyneMobile 99% of the changes our clients request are done within 24 hours and are included in our package at no extra cost.
  • Unlimited Pages - Most packages offer a limited number of pages unless you upgrade to plans that can cost over a thousand dollars.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth - Allows for maximum up-time. No limitations on the number of times your site can be viewed by your customers.
  • Integration with your Standard Site - Because we begin the design process of creating your mobile site by converting your standard site, color schemes and logos will be consistent for your visitors. We will even assist you in setting up your URL so that mobile visitors to your standard site will be directed automatically to your mobile site. (For NetDzyne clients we will be able to handle the entire process for you. If your current site is hosted with someone else, we will provide the html code necessary for them to sync the sites.)
  • Click-To-Call Button - your mobile visitors will be able to call you without even dialing the number.
  • Click-To-Text Button - your mobile visitors can send a text to you directly from your mobile site.
  • Optimized For All Smartphones - Your mobile site will appear seamlessly on all major mobile platforms including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.
  • Site Preview - We will send you a free preview of your new mobile site before publishing.
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee! - You can cancel your subscription to our services within the first 30 days from original purchase price and we will refund the entire purchase price.
  • No Long Term Contracts! - You can cancel your subscription for our services at any time before your next billing date.
  •  NetDzyneMobile Makes It Easy! - We do all the work! Visit our "Getting Started" page now and make your business as mobile as your customers are!